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Our Vibe

Be Kind, Love Horses and be the Best Version of Yourself...

Be Kind...

In a world where you can be anything, BE KIND.

We work strictly to this mantra here at Horsey Shopping. Being there for each other, being non-judgmental and supportive where we can works in the office and at play. The Horsey World can be divisive at times, so many different opinions, styles and trends; but remember whatever your vibe, be inclusive and kind to others. We all know what it feels like to be left out - stable yards can be especially tricky to navigate socially sometimes, so remember to include and support where you can!

Love Horses...

It goes without saying that this is what unites us all, our love for these beautiful creatures. Take time to smell a muzzle, cloud watch while hearing the happy munch of grass in in a paddock and slide your arms into the warm neck of a rug in the winter for a hug that makes everything ok. There really is nothing better. 

The fast tempo of life stops us really taking stock of what we work so hard for...and lets face it, sometimes there seems to be an imbalance of hard work vs enjoyment! But remember that nothing can lower a heart rate or ease a headache like a snuggle with our furry friends. 

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Be the Best Version of yourself...

It's not all about the red rosettes (although we like these very much!). What really matters is that we are being the very best versions of ourselves. Take stock of the little achievements and remember that your best is good enough.