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HY Equestrian Matchy Matchy Glitz Saddle Pads, Headcollars, Brushing Boots and Grooming Bags

New Matchy Matchy Glitzy Range of Headcollars, Saddle Pads and Grooming Bags

Matchy Matchy Glitzy Headcollars and saddle pads from HY Equestrian - now in stock

If you have ever tried to find a set for your young equestrian, you will know how difficult it is to find a fit for Small Ponies - well great news! you will love a little bit of glitz from HY Equestrian. Our glitzy range of headcollars, saddlepads, brushing boots and grooming bags all come in a Small Pony size and matching in a range of colours - Red, Pink, Silver and Blue

So if you are heading of to a horse show or just out to enjoy a hack, you can use your

  • Glitzy Headcollar on your pony
  • Glitzy Grooming Bag to put the shine on your pony and then tack up with your matching
  • Glitzy Saddle Pad and protect your ponies legs with a set of
  • Glitzy Brushing Boots.

This lovely set comes in Small Pony and Pony ensuring our Matchy Matchy Glitzy set will certainly put a sparkle on your pony with a super fit. This also matches the Glitter range which includes Jodhpurs, Gloves, Hat Silks, Overreach boots to give your little equestrian lots of super fun products for both them and their ponies.

The Glitzy Range comes in Blue, Red, Pink and Silver all with a sparkly material.OH did you see ALL OUR ORDERS ARE FREE CARRIAGE!!

Matchy Matchy Glitzy Saddle Pads

A saddle pad also known as saddlecloth is used to keep your saddle clean and offer a comfy layer between the saddle for your pony.

Glitter, glitter and more glitter! Stand out from the crowd in this stylish glitter saddle pad. The girth strap and touch tape fastenings on either side keep the pad securely in place and incorporates high wither design to keep clear of the spine and improve comfort.This diamond quilted saddle cloth is a must have addition to your collection! Matching items available and comes in Small Pony and Pony sized Saddle pads

Hy Equestrian Matchy Matchy Glitzy Headcollar

We all need a headcollar!! and these are super sparkly and fun.

This funky head collar is simply stunning! Adorned in glitter, this is guaranteed to make your horse sparkle.

They come in Small Pony and Pony sized Headcollars and in Red, Pink, Silver and Blue.

Featuring clip throat fastening and adjustable head piece and nose band for ultimate practicality. Match with the rest of the glitter range!

Matchy Matchy Glitzy Grooming Bags

Stop those Grooming Brushes going missing by have a Grooming Bag to keep your Grooming Brushes, Hoof Pick, Mane Combs and all your sprays - then with somewhere to keep them all you will be kept safe.

Add some glamour to your grooming sessions with the Hy Equestrian Glitzy Grooming Bag! With 6 external pockets to store possessions and large inside compartment to keep your brushes in. Featuring detachable shoulder strap and grab handles for ease of carrying, easy clean lining and tonal stitching throughout.

Why not pair with some other items from our glitter collection?


Brushing Boots are used to protect your horses or ponies legs. There are lots of different types of Horse Boots from Tendon Boots - these protect the backs of your horses front legs from being hit by their back legs, they quite often offer no protector at the front of the legs. Eventing Boots offer protection to the tendons and to the front of the legs and then we have Brushing Boots. Brushing Boots are used when either just training, hacking or competing at low level.

Complete the set with these protective brushing boots will add a bit of glam to your pony's wardrobe! The faux fur lining ensures a soft feel and prevents rubbing which ensures ultimate comfort for your pony.

The touch tape fastenings secure the boot and are easy to fasten and undo. These boots not only protect from knocks and scrapes but look stylish thanks to the glitter finish on the straps and boot itself.

Due in shortly - Match Matchy Brushing Boots in the Glitzy Range

The HY Equestrian Glitzy is just one of a wide range of matching Saddlepads, Headcollars, Brushing Boots that we stock. If you like the look of our Glitzy Range then you might well also like other styles.

Styles we stock include: Little Rider, Little Tractor, Thelwell all specifically for our young equestrians.

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